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Identify Your Stem or Cartridge

Match the Broach, Length, and Photo

Identify Your Handle

Chrome and Acrylic Handles

(Also in Brushed Nickel...Find the Correct handle in Chome, then Choose the Brushed Nickel version)

Faucet and Tub Shower Parts

Trim, Flanges, Internal Parts, Shower Heads, Tub Spouts, Etc

Shower Valve Renovation Kits

Everything you One kit!

Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Acrylic, Single, 2 handle, 3 handle, etc

Complete Faucets and Shower Valves

New Faucets for Kitchen, Bathroom, Commercial, Etc

New Shower Valves & Trim

Commercial Flush Valves

Repair Parts and Complete Valves

Drop-In Kits, Manual Flush, Electric Flush, etc

Toilet Parts

Handles, Flappers, Flush Valves, Fill Valves, Tank to Bowl Kits, Etc