Pro Customers

First thing, log in to your account

If you are a Pro customer, please create an account and log in to your account each time you visit our website. Your account allows you access to your special pricing, your item and order history, and your account profile.

Our primary focus is to create and build long-term business relationships with the Pro customer. Pro customers earn your livelihoods in the maintenance and renovation industry, so you have consistent need of quality plumbing parts. Your greatest compliment to us is your repeat business.  To encourage your steady and healthy purchases, we provide you with better prices, and your own Pro account for more convenience.

You are considered a Pro customer if you are a:

  • Multi-Housing Management Company

  • Hospitality (Hotel/Motel/etc)

  • Private Facility (Health/Education/Correctional/Commercial)

  • Government Multi-Housing (State/County/Municipal)

  • Government Facility (State/County/Municipal)

  • Government Multi-Housing (Federal)

  • Government Facility (Federal)

  • Remodel/Renovation Company

  • Handyman Repair Service

  • Plumbing Contractor

  • Supply Chain Company (Distributor/Wholesaler/Retailer)


To Get Started

To get started, click on "My Account" (upper right corner of the home page), then click on "Create New Account".  Fill in your informationa and submit.  When your account is Activated, you will receive an email.

You should then Log In to your account every time you visit our site, to receive your better prices and additional features.